Hustlin’ in the Kitchen

This week I was introduced to Thug Kitchen by a teacher of mine, and was instantly hooked.  Thug Kitchen is an attempt to attract those who are not interested or unaware of the ease of making good and healthy food.  As Ron Finley said in an earlier post of mine, “We need to make it sexy.”  What he means by this is that by making our mission seem cool and attractive to the masses, we can open doors to a population that is currently in the dark on these topics.  Everyone enjoys good food, why not be able to provide yourself with healthy and tasty food in the comfort of your own home?

My blogging thus far has been focused on bringing fresh produce to the counters of people who are normally unable to obtain things like these, but this only gets you so far.  People need to know what to do with this produce once it arrives.  Blogs such as Thug Kitchen is a great source for information, while still entertaining and interesting those who may otherwise not take the time to cook or read recipes themselves.  I am not saying that using profanity is the way in which we are going to get people into the kitchen, but I think what the author is doing here is great.  The dialogue he holds with his reader is intended to make something that is often times serious and directed at a certain type of person and turn it on its head.  Using slang, profanity, and a comical dialogue he attracts people outside the typical kitchen bubble.  When explaining what Thug Kitchen is all about, he writes “EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL A PART OF OUR COUNTRY’S PUSH TOWARD A HEALTHIER DIET, NOT JUST PEOPLE WITH DISPOSABLE INCOMES WHO SPEAK A CERTAIN WAY. WE AIM TO EDUCATE AS WELL AS ENTERTAIN, MOTHER F*****.”  Although this may turn many traditionalists off, I think it is awesome!  Why not break out of the box of what is deemed acceptable?  If this means attracting and inspiring newcomers to eat healthy, grow more local produce, and return to a localvore lifestyle, than I say F-it.  Bring on the profanity.

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 3.13.57 PM




One comment on “Hustlin’ in the Kitchen

  1. cindiegentry says:

    Hi Sam. I am glad to see that another person is just as into Thug Kitchen as I am. I have been a fan of TK for a while and I am so happy that TK has won for Best New Blog this year from Saveur Magazine. I also just posted Thug Kitchen on my blog this week which you can check out here

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