Victory Gardens


Post WWII Americans prided themselves in their ability to provide and support their families without the relying on outside sources in order to get by.  Growing produce for your family in your backyard or in a community garden was very common and helped keep America healthy and in shape.  This remerging trend has taken the urban landscape by storm.  As you have seen in the posts that I have made and in cities all over the country, the importance of growing fresh local produce is coming full circle to the post war Victory Garden Era.  These Victory Gardens “accounted for 44% of the fresh produce in the U.S, harvested by nearly 20 million Americans.” (Huffington Post)  This is a very impressive number compared to the 20% that we currently produce for ourselves. (


With all of the new projects and initiatives attempting to bring gardening back into the American culture we can reverse this increase in imported produce and provide out country with fresh and tasty produce.   This Huffington Post article is attempting to bring this possibility back into the minds of Americans.  Charles Birnbaum presents us with numerous projects happening all over the country, such as a new luxury high rise is Manhattan with a vegetative roof, or Michelle Obama’s installation of the first ever White House garden.  These projects are surrounding us and have the potential to reinvent our agricultural production capacity.  In a time of high fuel costs and the scare of global climate change, the ability to produce for ourselves and our families in our own backyard is an increasingly valuable opportunity.


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