Farming Social Media

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Urban Farm Magazine is one of the leaders in the sustainable agriculture publication world.  “Here at Urban Farm Magazine, our mission is ‘to promote the benefits of self sustainability and to provide the tools with which to do it on any size property.”  I visited their Facebook page this week to see what they were up to and try to get some ideas for a new post this week, but instead of getting some ideas from things they were posting I decided to review their use of social media.  In a class I am currently enrolled in, we have been discussing the use of social media outlets, and what it takes to be productive and successful in marketing yourself.

According to  “How Businesses Can Evaluate their Social Media Campaigns” article, there are three major factors reviewing your social media outlets.  1) Number of Followers.  Urban Farming Magazine has over 16k followers, which is quite the following.  Being able to build brand awareness and brand loyalty is one of the most important factors of a business, and with this many people behind their brand they are doing just that.  2) Engagement.  Although the majority of the posts that occur on their page are not intended to sell anything, they are successfully creating dialogue between themselves and their followers.  The majority of their posts have at least 50 likes and at least a few comments, showing that their followers not only enjoy what they have to say, but are willing to communicate about it.  Keeping followers interested and active is crucial in creating a successful campaign.  3) Analytics and Traffic.  Although I cannot speak on this portion of their campaign, I can say that with the number of followers they have obtained and the amount of discussion and interaction on their page I can imagine that this step of the analysis would come back positive.

I think that their current strong points are their diversity of post types, their ability to create conversation, and their do it yourself encouragement.  From recipes to growing tips, Urban Farm Magazine has it all covered.  They provide opportunities to learn and opportunities to grow for all levels of people looking to get involved in a more sustainable lifestyle.  Also they are able to create communication between people, which encourages people to continue to visit and also allows people to help mold their future campaign towards what people want.  Lastly they are educating people, making their page not only a place to come see what is happening, but also a place to learn.


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