The return of crafted food

I came across the Mast Brothers in Todd Selby’s book “ Edible Selby.  This book follows Selby’s exploration through the world of craft food.  The Mast brothers are from Minnesota and grew up with an urge to get their hands dirty and try new things.  This desire brought them down the road of chocolate making, which has turned into a well-known and respected chocolate shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Although not everyone is ready to spend $20 on a chocolate bar that they have handcrafted, from the chocolate to the hand printed and hand wrapped finish, they have created a story behind their product that is hard to resist.  “The chocolate itself represents more than a candy bar, it represents a new way of handcrafting food.  An old way, that is now new again, and I think it is spreading like wildfire.” Rick Mast.  Keeping a working relationship with their cocoa bean producers in Belize, they have connected the source with the product understanding how and where all of their supplies come from.  Knowing that these brothers sailed to and from Belize to pick up their beans and deliver them back to NYC creates a sense of appreciation for their hard earned final product. 


This video, although hard to ignore the finely groomed hipster beards, presents these two brothers in a personal and intimate scene.  The music and simple setting draw your attention to the idea in which they are hard at work trying to implement in the city.  The theme of the video follows the ideas behind Mast Brothers Chocolate, returning to the simple ways in which we use to create things.  Low impact inputs and high quality outputs are their focus, rather than consistent outputs with high levels of inputs.  The stylized editing of the video makes the product in which they are representing one of high quality and eloquence, crafted by hands in which make the product more than just a taste, but rather a story. 

My question for you- Is the extra money worth the story and effort that is put in to this chocolate?  Would you rather spend $1.50 at the grocery store for a Hersey’s bar which has been created from start to finish by machine, or $15 at Mast Brothers for something that has been handcrafted from the beans to the wrappers? 


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