Portable Sustainability

Truck farm is the product of two Brooklyn dwellers looking to provide an eye opening experience for others while providing themselves with fresh and local produce in the space they have.  Using many of the techniques that are available for green roof technology, Ian and Curt converted their 1986 Dodge Ram truck into a portable and efficient vegetable and herb garden.  Alive Structures, a Brooklyn based green roof service team, provided the truck farm with rainwater management systems.  These systems helped optimize the growing potential of the truck and convert a seemingly untraditional growing surface into a fully functional garden.


I think the great part of this mini series is the image that is portrayed to us as viewers.  Although I am not sure that they are encouraging all of us to convert all of our untraditional growing spaces into gardens, I think the message they are portraying is that if you have the motivation you can grow fresh produce nearly anywhere.  These gardeners are seemingly normal Brooklynites, not necessarily rich with an agricultural knowledge base.  However, they were inspired to create a sustainable system that people could see, experience, and understand.  This small garden plot could be built nearly anywhere, patios, rooftops, window planters, etc.  Although they keep the cost of converting this space disclosed, the pride and end product of creating a green space in the city is worth the money.

Assignment of the day:

Think of the space you occupy on a daily basis.  How much of this space are you using to its full potential?  How much of this space is wasted? What makes this space important to you? Could a shift in the spaces meaning increase your felt value towards it?


One comment on “Portable Sustainability

  1. kierstinwall says:

    This is amazing. It’s unbelievably inspiring, and an incredible feat to tackle sustainable agriculture in inner cities. Now that spring is around the corner, this has me thinking about what my plan is for my small herb and veggie garden on my porch! Thanks for this!

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