Food Foward


Food Forward was a PBS series that aired in 2012 critiquing the American food system.  The show documented how the system works and the flaws in which continue to be inflicted upon us as consumers.  Through interviews with chefs, farmers, teachers and many others involved in the complex chain of distribution, we get an inside look on what people across the country are doing to right the wrongs inflicted upon us.  The purpose of the show was to create conversation and encourage people to explore these alternative options rather than serve as another warning message or popular cooking show.  Information presented throughout the show provides unique perspectives into more sustainable methods of providing the country with food.  The episode I came across was great!  Instead of presenting information about how doomed our planet is, and leaving us feeling depressed and worried. Food Forward presented encouraging stories from truly inspirational people.  In the episode I saw Abeni Ramsey from Oakland, California is working to improve the city by reshaping what we have come to understand as the “cityscape”.  She is working to convert abandoned city property into local urban farmland.  By involving the community, she has been able to clean up the city and provide fresh produce and goods to people in the area.  This has not only done wonders for teaching people about good food and eating healthier, but has brought the people together in a restorative manner.  Cleaning up decrepit city property and greening the city have as much importance as the city itself.  With cities growing and more and more being built, encouraging city dwellers to work towards a greener landscape and providing safe and healthy places for kids and their parents to spend time becomes something of serious importance.



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  1. […] in a way meant to educate and inform people of a concept, method, item, etc.  Shows such as PBS’ “Food Forward” educate viewers on sustainable food options.  Informative media’s purpose is not necessarily […]

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