Rockaway Taco

Located on the Queens shoreline, Rockaway Taco is a small collective of people working to provide the community with a local food option.  Rockaway taco is a NYC establishment that has created an alternative to the typical city understanding of a “corner store”.  Growing as much of their own produce as possible in the tight confinements of city property lines and encouraging the intake of locally produced goods, Rockaway suggests that our current consumption of goods from far away places is not our only option.  Maximizing our space in urban environments and producing a product that no longer has to be moved long distances is the next logical movement in “green development”.  Rockaway provides the local community with a market full of fresh goods, a menu full of locally inspired food items, and a space for gardening produce that can than be sold through the Rockaway store front.  This video and this establishment have inspired me since the first time I saw it to one day create a sustainable restaurant that not only grows as much of what it needs as possible, but also works to provide inspiration for others to work towards a greener way of living.



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