Soil Kitchen

The Soil Kitchen documentary is about a collection of Philadelphians that formed a soil-testing center within the city.  The idea behind their effort is to test soil for people who are interested in growing a garden inside the city limits.  Philadelphia is littered with brown fields, places that contain contaminated soils, which not only put the daily lives of the city dwellers at risk, but also prevent people from using the soil for growing.  Providing free soil samples for interested civilians worked to improve city conditions and bring these hazard sites to the eyes of policy makers.

The brains and muscle behind the Soil Kitchen have high hopes of greening our ever-growingcityscapes and bringing local produce to the tables of people that rarely experience fresh food.  “Urban farming is particularly vibrant, because it is so visible.  A lot of our farming happens outside the city so we don’t see the process, but urban farming you can walk by on a daily basis.”  This idea of bringing local opportunity to the immediate eye, sounds to me like the most logical and appealing method.  With cities continuing to grow and goods continuing to further themselves from our central populations, the need to find solutions is becoming ever important.  Incorporating ideas from cities surrounding farmland into the cityscape itself is going to be an important avenue of exploration in the near future.


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