Exploration of the food blogosphere

The three blogs I visited and was interested in are food blogs that don’t only pertain to a cookbook style collection of recipes, but rather reaches past this traditional form and brings the cultural aspects of food into light.  Incorporating life stories, travel, personal interest, etc. not only makes the blogs more appealing to a wider variety of readers, but also makes the connection to food outside of recipes.  People are not always looking for something to make, and by providing things other than cooking instructions allows them to connect on much deeper and meaningful level.  Incorporating pictures along with posts is also something I have found to be very important in maintaining a successfully blog.  Eye catching images that not only are relevant to your posts, but also further explain the point you are trying to get across helps please the reader.  With a diversified post collection, including restaurant reviews, personal experiences and interests, as well recipes, a selection of pertinent and well taken photos, and a unique take on food and food culture the author can attract much more than your classic recipe junkie and can create a lifestyle blog that is based around the central theme of food.

1) Penny De Los Santos

This blog follows the travels and food experiences of Penny De Los Santos, a professional photographer who created this blog to share her cultural experiences with others.  Penny mixes cultural experiences with food experiences, creating a connection between her travels and her appetite.  I think this blog creates good discussion because it does more than post recipes it creates a story behind the food.  Penny provides great narratives of her travels and food experiences paired with even better photos.  Because her expertise is photography, she is able to capture images that are intriguing and relevant.  The only thing I don’t like about the blog is the bland page set up.  A white background with a common black font does not do much for pleasing the eye.

2) La Buena Vida

La Buena Vida is a great blog combining different food experiences into one blog.  She combines stories, recipes, travel adventures, and tons of great pictures to not only intrigue those with cooking interest but also attract visitors who have other interests.  The blog follows the bloggers life, throughout her different interests all documented through her photography.  I like the combination of text to accompany her photos as well as her diverse subject matter that still pertains to her main theme of food.  Her traveling stories and pictures are often times based around food adventure, indulging in local food gems.  Also I like her giveaways.  These keep visitors coming back, which keeps her reading population high.  I do not however like how zoomed in her page is, you can se only parts of the story at a time.

3)  A Thinking Stomach

A Thinking Stomach is blog that revolves around the bloggers life.  Although not every post is about food, she keeps recipes and food experiences consistent throughout her postings.  She shares information about life, personal experiences, life lessons, recipes, and food information.  This makes following this blog way more than just a source of recipes, it is instead a source to gain general information and keeps readers interested in checking back no matter what they are looking for.  Keeping blog posts interesting while still keeping it new and original allows a diverse selection of bloggers to gain and interest and continue to check in.  This blog shows that food in the media does not necessarily only pertain to recipes, but instead can involve gardening, seasonality of certain plants, and food knowledge.  The intended audience is most likely people that are involved in the food lifestyle, gardeners, cooks, and other such participants.  I like the variety of knowledge that A Thinking Stomach shares.  It is cool to check back not knowing what to expect next.  The thing I don’t like is that she doesn’t document her recipes with pictures.  She takes such great photos for her other posts, but recipes don’t typically have the same pictures, which is hard to want to try them.  Also she does not categorize her posts.  Most other blogs allow you to visit all similar posts thru a menu on the side, but not this one.

MLW 2/5

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